Developing and implementing roadmaps

The new R&D Plan outlines where we need to go and why. Now we need to work together and determine the best way to get there.

Over the coming months, we will engage with stakeholders from across fishing and aquaculture in a series of online roadmapping workshops. In this inclusive, open process, we will work with stakeholders to develop five roadmaps describing how each of the five R&D Plan outcomes can be achieved. The workshops will enable stakeholders to collaborate from wherever they are.

The process covers identifying the right problem and how best to solve it.

Image - Solving the right problemImage - Solving the problem right

Once the roadmaps are developed, Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) and FRDC research Subprogram meetings will be held to refine and determine priorities for investment. The roadmaps will be revisited every year to see how we are progressing.

This is a new approach. It is designed to give all stakeholders input, while being agile enough to accommodate ever-changing needs. RACs in each fisheries jurisdiction, IPAs and Subprograms will remain central to how we engage with stakeholders. They enable input from fishers, aquaculturists, managers, researchers and other stakeholders in identifying and prioritising areas for investment, and will update the roadmaps as they learn more.

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