Enabling strategies to help achieve R&D Plan outcomes

IconTo help make progress towards the five R&D Plan outcomes easier, the FRDC will also invest in five enabling strategies:

  1. ‘Drive digitisation and advanced analytics’ (this means expanding capacity to make decisions based on data).
  2. ‘strengthen adoption for transformative change’ (this means increasing adoption of results from R&D to bring about beneficial change).
  3. ‘Promote innovation and entrepreneurship’ (this means encouraging new solutions, products and processes as well as new ways of thinking and doing).
  4. ‘Build capability and capacity’ (this means helping people from across fishing and aquaculture to have the knowledge and skills needed to be safe, happy and productive, and to adapt and flourish in the face of change).
  5. ‘Provide foundational information and support services’ (this means delivering information to guide the evolution of fishing and aquaculture in Australia).

These enabling strategies aim to equip fishing and aquaculture sectors with tools and ways to tackle shared challenges in the future. each strategy can support one or multiple outcomes.

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