R&D Plan outcomes

IconOver the next five years, FRDC investment will be targeted to achieve the five outcomes of this R&D Plan (shown in Figure 2 below). The five outcomes are:

  1. Growth for enduring prosperity
  2. Best practices and production systems
  3. A culture that is inclusive and forward thinking
  4. Fair and secure access to aquatic resources
  5. Community trust, respect and value

This is one of the FRDC’s most ‘people-centric’ plans to date, with a focus on capacity building, shaping culture, building relationships and establishing shared principles and values. To help make progress towards these outcomes easier, the FRDC will use five enabling strategies to realise the highest potential from investments made for fishing and aquaculture.

The five outcomes in FRDC’s R&D Plan align with 14 of the 17 United Nations SDGs, although the extent to which each outcome contributes to a particular SDG will depend on how the FRDC allocates its R&D investments.

Figure 2. The heart of FRDC’s R&D Plan 2020–25: Five outcomes supported by five enabling strategies

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